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Relationship Violence FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions About Relationship Violence

1. What is relationship violence? +

Answer: Relationship violence is any physical or sexual harm against an individual by a current or former spouse of or person in a dating relationship with such individual that results from any action by such spouse or such person that may be classified as a sexual assault, stalking, or domestic violence under Connecticut law.

2. Helping a Victim of Relationship Violence +

If someone you know is a victim of relationship abuse, here are ways you can help:

  • Avoid shaming the victim. Remember that your friend or family member did not ask to be abused and it may be difficult to get out of a relationship due to finances, children, dependency issues, and/or lack of a support system.
  • Develop a safety plan with the victim.
  • Listen to the victim and let him/her know that you are there to support him/her.
  • Provide University resources and off-campus resources. Explain to the victim what his/her options are without making decisions for the victim or pushing him/her to make a decision. When the victim is ready, he/she will make the choice to leave.
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UConn Police
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